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Everybody thinks that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover,and you don’t. But most people dress in clothes that fit their personality and you get a really good example what their personality is like. The point is if the clothes are your style then they tell a lot about you. Soon enough you will be that girl who is walking down the street with everybody’s eyes glued to you!


Maybe you can learn something from Tidebuy Reviews.

Tidebuy Reviews-Fashion & Beauty

Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews-Evening Dress

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Tidebuy Prom Dress Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews
How do you think about this prom dress? This dress looks so elegant and beautiful. The whole color of this match is very similar, just see the prom clutch, the high heels and the prom dress. All the products here are my beloved. Just see the prom dress, it’s designed very special, right? Say something here, thanks.

Tidebuy Reviews-Fashionable Dress Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews

Have you felt the strong flavor of fashion when seeing this picture? This model is really so beautiful. This dress is specially for some formal occasions or evening dress. I believe that many of you will like this one. And also, the shoes are all nice. Look at the high heels the model wear, it’s designed for fashion style. Another two ankle boots can be matched with the dress as well. Don’t miss the handbag, really very cute, right? If you want to know more details on us,enjoy our videos at Tidebuy Fashion Reviews.

Tidebuy Reviews-Special Occasion Dresses Match Discussion

Tidebuy Reviews

This Special Occasion Dresses Match is made by Tidebuy Reviews, and shared with all the fans here. Hope you can enjoy. If there are any suggestions, just be free to talk with us. I think the match looks noble  and the jewelry set is also beautiful. I choose two dresses from Tidebuy, I love the right one more for its special style.

Here is a  platform to discuss about this dress match, I will be so appreciated if hearing some useful and interesting advice. Have a nice day!

To know more about Tidebuy Dress Match, please pay attention to Tidebuy Reviews Dress Match.

TidebuyReviews: Will You Like This Kind of Beauty?

When talking about beauty, we may have various opinions. So what’s your understanding about “Beauty”?
You may think that flowers are beauty, lovely animals are also beauty. Well, I think fashion is also a kind of beauty!

For some girls, they may like this kind of beauty above. Do you know the reason? That is because the items above have the same color and they all have light color. Girls will think that they are easily match each other. Yes, they are right.
Have you ever though that you will try another kind of beauty? I think we can explore more kinds of beauty that fit us well.
To dress well is also a kind of art. Maybe you can read some fashion magazines, which will help for you. For me, I like the above matches, which really show us some new findings of beauty. Of course, we can try this.
This one will also be a good choice if you want to try. I think that maybe you can match better than this. Just try it!
Welcome your comments.


I believe that eveyone loves his or her mom. So to show your love will be the most important.


Andrew Jackson said :” There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness… The memory of my mother and her teachings were,after all,the only capital I had to start life with,and on that capital I have made my way.”

Mother day is at the corner, you are still thinking how to show your love to your mom or you have your own thought?

Well, I know that there is one store named “Tidebuy”, where you can find different kinds of presenrs for your mom. Such as, evening dresses, homecoming dresses, shoes, accessories etc.

showimg (2)

This is really an elegant evening dress designed for mothers. How do you think about it? Really elegant and charming,right?

I think it will be a nice choice for you to show your love. Also, during this peroid, Tidebuy has some discount for you.

Special occasion, women tops, swimwear, dresses and shoes UP TO 80% OFF.


You can get a nice presents there definitely.

To express our love to “mothers” us really neceaasry, right?

Love to hear your comments.

Tidebuy Fashion Long Sleeve Dress

        In the next few days, we are planning to attend a dance party. Do you have a date already? My man told me we will celebrate it over dinner. We always keep it low key and I love it that way. I am not really fond of so many frills, so a dinner will do because guess what? We will celebrate for the dance party in a club a few days later.  That’s really great. Meantime, here’s the dress that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while now from Shall I wear this on that day. What’s your suggestions?
Fashion Luxury V Neckline Lace Jacquard Dress
       This Fashion Luxury Golden V Neckline Lace Jacquard Long Sleeve Dress is sexy and sultry. The floral lace design screams sweetness and that creates a fragile personality. Who wouldn’t like to be treated special anyway? I also love its black & gold color combination; it speaks classy. The neckline is just perfect because it isn’t that low and it doesn’t show a lot of cleavage but it is still seductive. Well, it’s the V-neckline design with a little wrap down to the waist and that creates an illusion of smaller waist line. Agree?
Style this dress with:
> Black clutch bag (link here)
> Black high heel sandals (link here)

My Favourite Dresses

   New season is coming and have you ever thought that which kind of dresses would be the best choice for you?
What I can remember is that I got my birthday gift last spring, which is a dress and the dress surprised me.
See below:

Delicate Column Lace Tulle Back Sequins Short Homecoming/Formal Dress

This dress made me slim and younger than what I am. From my bottom of heart, I love it very much. To find the source of the dress, I must speak highly of, where I found this dress that fits me well. Do you also want to get one dress like that? Then don’t hesitate to visit:
There are several items that I want to buy from and I hope that one day I can get all of them.

Graceful Scoop Neckline Appliques Sleeveless Short/Mini Homecoming Dress


New Style Cut Long Sleeves Lace Sexy Dress

Sparkling Trumpet/Mermaid Sweetheart Beading Lace-up Long Evening Dress

Are they beautiful and do you love them?
Good season, you will be a very sexy woman if you choose dresses from There are many amazing dresses at and  I believe that you will find what you love and what you are interested in.
Any ideas? Welcome your comments!
Have a nice day.