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Tidebuy sexy dress reviews:

Came in the mail super fast. I’m very satisfied with it. Love the color, material, and the way it fits. My boyfriend loves it as well. ūüôā I have to say, this is my favorite piece of lingerie. True to size and so soft. I absolutely loved this product! It made me feel wonderful and was within my price range! Bought this for my wife and she loves it. Fits as expected. She is a size 8-10 and is very slender. Looks absolutely gorgeous on her. I can wear the nightie and love the feel of the fabric. Nice and flowy and confortable.

Tidebuy Reviews-Fashion & Beauty

Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews-Day Dress

Tidebuy Reviews


Wow! Really so beautiful day dress match made by tidebuy reviews! Do you love this dress match?


I believe that eveyone loves his or her mom. So to show your love will be the most important.


Andrew Jackson said :” There never was a woman like her. She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness… The memory of my mother and her teachings wereÔľĆafter allÔľĆthe only capital I had to start life withÔľĆand on that capital I have made my way.”

Mother day is at the corner, you are still thinking how to show your love to your mom or you have your own thought?

Well, I know that there is one store named “Tidebuy”, where you can find different kinds of presenrs for your mom. Such as, evening dresses, homecoming dresses, shoes, accessories etc.

showimg (2)

This is really an elegant evening dress designed for mothers. How do you think about it? Really elegant and charming,right?

I think it will be a nice choice for you to show your love. Also, during this peroid, Tidebuy has some discount for you.

Special occasion, women tops, swimwear, dresses and shoes UP TO 80% OFF.


You can get a nice presents there definitely.

To express our love to “mothers” us really neceaasry, right?

Love to hear your comments.

Tidebuyreviews: The importance of reviews for giving the exact benefits of Tidebuy to the customers

Tidebuy is one of the best online stores famous for its exclusive collections of dresses. This is an online retail outlet where you can buy numerous collections of wedding dresses especially thevintage wedding dresses. The tidebuy review present in the websites help the people know about the satisfaction rate of the customers and their experience with this online store.

Vintage wedding dresses

The multiple choices of the vintage wedding dresses

The Vintage wedding dresses are high end wedding dress which is worn by the bride to look more beautiful and striking during her wedding. The Floor-length Chapel Appliques Wedding Dress is a kind of the vintage wedding dresses which gives you a highly classic and elegant look. It has stone works embedded in the dress and is strapless with a lacy design pattern. It has a cross design pattern on the backside and is a floor-length dress which gives a glamorous and a sexier look to the brides when they wear it.

Vintage wedding dresses

Mermaid Slim Sweetheart Court Train Ruffles Fall Wedding Dress

This is a kind of vintage wedding dress with a descending ruffle pattern. It is a sleeveless dress with stonework embedded on the front of the dress. It has a straight line of button pattern on the backside and the dress is in the shape of a mermaid with embroidered design and stonework’s. The bottom of the dress has the ruffle pattern and gives a gorgeous look to the brides when they wear it.

A-line Halter Beaded Floor-length Valentinova’s Beach Wedding Dress

This is a kind of beach wedding dressesavailable in much affordable price for the brides to wear it and look attractive and beautiful on her wedding. This white color dress features a halter bodice with sparkling and shining accents on the empire waist band. It encircles around the body to a sexy and glamorous open back and gives you a classic and elegant look. There are numerous accessories available for this wedding dress which gives a luxurious look to the brides and is perfectly suitable for a beach wedding.

beach wedding dress

Apart from the vintage and the beach wedding dresses which are usually white color, there are other wedding dresses like the color wedding dresses which give a highly attractive look to the brides. These color wedding dresses are available in a wide variety in this online store at much affordable prices. There are numerous varieties of these dresses like the sweetheart sleeveless, floor length chapel, ball gowns and many varieties available in this online store which gives a unique and fantabulous look to the brides when they wear it.

Love at Tidebuy !

When I was visiting Tidebuy.com, I was amazed by its different kinds of collections. It is fab for eveyone. In recent days. Tidebuy has updated its products acording to the season. Spring is on the way and some items has been changed according to the season.

What I have to say is that now the trend is coming and catch up with this developing society. Everyone would be shocked  by the fast speed.

From tidebuy, I love all the collections!

Evening dresses are what I am interested in, where you can see below‚ÄĒ a very elegant evening dress for women.

showimg (2)

Luxurious Mermaid One-Shoulder Embroidery Court Train Long Evening Dress


Pretty Lace Appliques Half Sleeves Zipper-up Floor-Length Prom Dress

Also, I love the shoes from Tidebuy.com, where I can find what fit me and what make me confortable.

No matter the service or the quality, tidbeuy is the one I must speak highly of than any other online store.

showimg (3)

Shiny Platform Stiletto Beading Candy Color Wedding Shoes

showimg (1)

Suede Cut-out Leaves Pattern Rhinestones Stiletto Heel Sandals

Hey, everyone, how do you think of my impression about tidebuy?

Welcome your comments anytime!

Tidebuy Fashion Luxury Golden V Neckline Lace Jacquard Long Sleeve Dress

In the next few days, we will celebrate the Valentine’s Day. Do you have a date already? My man told me we will celebrate the special day over dinner. We always keep it low key and I love it that way. I am not really fond of so many frills, so a dinner will do because guess what? We will celebrate a post-Valentine’s Day in an island a few days later. Yey!¬†We are going to hit the beach! Meantime, here’s the dress that I’ve been eyeing for quite a while now from Tidebuy.com. Shall I wear this on my date. What do you think?
This Fashion Luxury Golden V Neckline Lace Jacquard Long Sleeve Dress is sexy and sultry. The floral lace design screams sweetness and that creates a fragile personality. Who wouldn’t like to be treated special anyway? I also love its black & gold color combination; it speaks classy. The neckline is just perfect because it isn’t that low and it doesn’t show a lot of cleavage but it is still seductive. Well, it’s the V-neckline design with a little wrap down to the waist and that creates an illusion of smaller waist line. Agree?
Style this dress with:
> Gold chain-linked black shoulder bag (link here); or
> Black clutch bag (link here)
> Black pointed stiletto heels (link here); or
> Black high heel sandals (link here)

Why I Frequent Tidebuy.com?

¬† ¬† It is rare to find an online store that you can consider a one-stop shop. That’s why when I learned about Tidebuy.com, I know I will frequent the store. All that I can think of are just a click away with Tidebuy because aside from wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, fashion clothing, jewelry accessories, intimates, bedding, they as well offer electronics and automotive.¬†Yes, you read it right. So please pull down your eyebrows and have yourself a dose of¬†Tidebuy.com¬†. To give you an idea of what makes me love this store is their wide selection when it comes to women apparels. I will not elaborate any longer but I will let these photos speak why I love them.
They have wide selection of the wedding dresses. This photo below catches my eyes because of the impressively beautiful intricate. The bodice have full of embroidered rhinestones up to neck; it makes the gown looks royal. Agree? I pick this gown because I love its upper design; its sleeve creates an innocent look and yes, virginal! The lower part is just perfect as it flows down and sits right in the floor. I really love the simplicity of them below.
If you don’t know yet, I love occasion dresses especially evening dresses. When I get invited for an event or an occasion that requires formal attire, I can’t help myself but feel very excited because these are the times that I got to experience of really feeling beautiful and sexy. When I wear an evening gown, I feel confident. The secret is always find the right dress for you. I will discuss more about how to finding the right dress on the next topics. Be sure to watch out for it.
Of course, my love for fashion won’t be forgotten. I am excited to browse Tidebuy every time they have latest collections. They have exemplary items just like the photo below. I really love its neutral color with the simplest stripes. It’s not snowing here but the cold weather is exciting! Obviously, the fabric screams perfect, for the weather we have now in my country.¬†I find so many items that deserve a purchase right away and there are some that I already put in the back seat for next purchase.
Be sure to click those red links to see more of the items. Who knows this is the right time for you to find the items that you’ve been looking for. If you cannot find it in other online stores, why don’t you try finding it here?
Welcome your comments!

Tidebuy Reviews: Polka Dot Smock Dresses

Smock dresses are considered to be a great beach cover-up. Smock dresses as well as halter dresses have always been a very traditional form of swimwear cover-up and this season is no different. the store is leading online wholesale lingerie and swimwear. There are many types of beachwear to choose from that come in solid color, patterns and unique designs. Sensual and refined, Lace-Up Badydoll and other sexy babydoll lingerie wear amazingly comfy and greatly make you feel confident to show sexy silhouette.

smock dresses

Look at this sweet smock dress. In its red bottom color, white dot is scattered. This design will make you look lovely and energetic. The v-neck will perfectly show your good body. It is short and will make your legs look slimmer. This dress is popular on tidebuy.com and it receives many good reviews. You can see them on tidebuy reviews page. For example:


By dimitra-**

very nice product.beautiful color!

This dress is combining sweet and sexy and it will definitely brings you a lot attentions. Choose this smock dress and enjoy your beach time. If you want to see more tidebuy reviews, please visit: http://www.tidebuyreview.com/. You can find the latest items of tidebuy and reliable tidebuy reviews from customers.