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We always prefer smart and unique products, tidebuy has gather lots of smart collection with unique design for their online fashion site. tidebuy always think modern for people need and they try to provide best customer service. In last month I was visit here and order some dress for my daughter and me. I cannot explain that how gorgeous and luxurious dress with unique design and also got it reasonable price.

Tidebuy Reviews-I returned one dress without any problem.


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I returned one dress without any problem. Customer service was great. Received my replacement dress within 10 days. I have since ordered more dresses and a top. More than satisfied. Update: I just received my third dress. Customer service has been great. Multiple emails about delayed delivery. I am impressed with the quality and design. Certainly more fashion forward than I can find locally. Beautiful!

How to Dress Beautifully-Tidebuy Reviews

Everybody thinks that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover,and you don’t. But most people dress in clothes that fit their personality and you get a really good example what their personality is like. The point is if the clothes are your style then they tell a lot about you. Soon enough you will be that girl who is walking down the street with everybody’s eyes glued to you!


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Enjoy Your Life-Tidebuy Reviews

Hope you’ll have a nice day!


Hope you’ll enjoy your life~

If sometimes, you want to go shopping, Tidebuy is a good place for that.

Tidebuy Reviews-Fashion & Beauty

Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews-Maxi Dress

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Tidebuy Reviews-Wedding Dress

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Tidebuy Reviews for Winter Coat

Tidebuy Reviews
Winter is coming, have you prepared some outwear for yourself? As you all know, Tidebuy is a super online clothing market, where you can buy wedding dress, special occasion dress, day dress and so on. Do you want to shop at Tidebuy?
First, let’s read some tidebuy reviews to know some details on it.
Good to deal with them
Hi, Tidebuy is a very good company to deal with I have had a few hic- ups with my sizing of the things I have purchased, but nothing is to much for this web based site. I would go to this site before another. Thank you Tidebuy.

Tidebuy Modern Split Joint V-neckline Dress Reviews

I am always in envy of movies stars or singers. This is because they can always wear all kinds of beautiful and charming clothing and attend all kinds of evening party. I really think they are lucky. A few days ago, when i was surf the internet, I encountered one fabulous amazing evening dress and couldn’t help from buying it. This time, i would like to show you this dress.



This is a modern split joint V-neckline prom dress. The pink color can show my tender and kindness in a perfect way. Different from some other dresses, this is a split joint dress. It seems you are actually wearing a t-shirt and a dress if seeing carelessly. There is a decoration at the waistline of this dress in order to make this joint in harmony, There are cotton made  flowers at the waistline. Which is really wonderful! It has the most common style of neckline, V-neck.  They are many tidebuy reviews for this dress and i will share some with you:


By smith_amanda**

I ordered this modern maxi dress online in the proper size and it is so comfortable! Got in pink color and it is attractive! The special split joint design seems quite stylish. Delicate waist band makes it more stunning. I have to say, it is my wonderful choice.

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