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“I received the dress just in time for the wedding of my cousin.My family and friends were amazed at the quality of the product.Marvellous. The dress was beautifully and meticulously made. My daughter and her new motherinlaw loved it which made me very happy. Thank you for your quick service. I received it 10 days sooner than I thought it would.”


Reviews Tri-cup Tassel Bikini Black On Tidebuy

Here is a tri-cup tassel bikini balck is the new arrival on tidebuy.com. This item belongs to imtimate apparel column and it is very popular on tidebuy. Look at the picture of the item, it is very sexy and attractive. There are many good comments on this item, and most women are favored of this bikini.
The fabric of the bikini is very nice and the sewn of the item is quite delicate to make the superb quality. This fabric is so soft and it touches so comfortable. This item can show your body curve very well. This bikini can give you an amazing look.

Tri-cup Tassel Bikini Black

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It is perfect It is perfect It is perfect It is perfect.
By A.Kielbergero**
Great!!!!! Absolutely satisfied!
By carlieblai**
Great Quality! Perfect fit! So very happy! Thank you so much!!
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