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Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews

Tidebuy Reviews
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Excellent experience with Tidebuy

Great service, my order came faster than expected and each product was unharmed and made from quality material. They were each exactly as depicted, except for one slight color difference. I would definitely return to Tidebuy.

Tidebuy Reviews-Beauty Fashion

Tidebuy Reviews
Read some tidebuy reviews of wedding dress the following:
ordered a customize Pink version of this dress. Ordered on 29 Nov 2015. Order was shipped out on 7 Dec and delivered via DHL to Singapore on 9 Dec. Very happy with the dress! Make sure to put an extra cm on your hips area if you have a big bootie 😛 so you can sit comfortable with the dress on. Thank you so much! 🙂

Tidebuy Reviews: Fairytale Light Pink Lush Flowers and Bicycle Cotton 4 Piece Bedding Sets

I have to admit that I am very particular about the beddings, because it can affect the sleep affect directly. Choosing the high quality and comfortable beddings for my bedroom is quite important. When I first met the tidebuy.com, I douted if I can get suitable beddings just as same as the descriptions on their site. I was happy to that I made a successful try by shopping on this site. Here I want to share my happiness on the bedding set I have bought on tidebuy.
It is a fairytale light pink lush flowers and bicycle cotton 4 -piece bedding set. The design of the beddings is very warm and colorful. The material is very nice and it feels comfortable. And this warm and soft feeling is good to my sleep.

Fairytale Light Pink Lush Flowers and Bicycle Cotton 4 Piece Bedding Sets

There are others’ views on this item, you can read the reviews as a reference before having the idea of shopping.

By Giovan**
It was my first time even shopping at tidebuy.com I couldn’t believe the selection. I called and spoke to a rep to ask her questions regarding the colors that the comforter came in, she was so pleasant and very helpful! Without having to pay extra for speedy shipping! I recommend tidebuy to everyone it’s THE BEST!!!!!!!
I am happy to find this reliable online shop to get my favorite products there, and I will visit this site more. I also want to recommend it to those who want to get goods with high quality and reasonable price.

Reviews Royal Yellow White Goose Down Jacquard Comfortable Quilt On Tidebuy

Nowadays, more and more people prefer shopping online. You will have more choice and save your time and money. Tidebuy is an official online site for bedding, on which you will find all style and color bedding. Also, you can find real tidebuy reviews on the sites as a reference before you have the idea of shopping. Hundreds of customers get their satisfactory bedding everyday on tidebuy and share their real feeling on review. Most of them speak highly on the products.
Here is a royal yellow white goose down jacquard comfortable quit on tidebuy, which is fond by most customers. It has receive many good tidebuy reviews for its good quality and best service.

Royal Yellow White Goose Down Jacquard Comfortable Quilt


By Rubywolves13**
Although it took a while to get my blanket to me due to it not being in stock; I got it and I love it. Love how soft it is, love how beautiful it is love it love it love it!!!

By Dan**
Great product for the price. There are some sections that don’t have as much down as other but I think that is typical for most down comforters. So far so good!

Shopping on tidebuy is a good choice to select, the goods are various and the price is reasonable. You can have a try on tidebuy for its reliability.

Reviews From Tidebuy: Red Rose 4 Pieces Bedding Sets

Wow, look at this bedding sets. It is so luxury and romantic. The red rose on the white bottom color is so shining and impressive. Dose this clutch of red rose remind you of the first girl you date? You may hold a red rose or some other flowers she likes.

red rose bedding sets

I buy this product on tidebuy.com and here is my comment on tidebuy reviews page:


By Kev**

It is really comfortable, super warm (i live in NYC). soft enough for me. I would recommend it.

This product is an Inspired Collection Incorporating rich fabrics and classic designs. The color will keep your room looking crisp and clean; besides the gorgeous patterns add to the elegance of the ensemble. If you are looking for something about grace, noble and luxury, this comforter bedding sets will absolutely be your first choice.

The maximum flat iron bottom temperature should below 110 degree.

The maximum washing temperature should be less than 30 degree.

NO Laundry or Bleach should be permitted.

Just hung it to dry after washing

Wash it alone

No Fillings inside the cover, pillowcases and cushions

Bedding sets, basically they are used to provide warmth to sleepers. In addition to these essential functional purposes, bedding can be formed a bed theme or style, which can decorate your bedroom.

The term bedding encompasses all bedding accessory terms including bed sheet, comforters, blankets, pillows, bed skirts, and duvets. Just like beds and mattress, bedding comes in twin, twin extra-long, double, queen, king and California king sizes.

The actual products may different from the size of chart, but it does not affect the users-experience.

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