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Moving on and out…

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.19.56 PM

After five amazing years in my West Village apartment, I’ve decided to put it on the market. This summer I moved in with my boyfriend, which was really exciting, but means that it’s time to move on, and out. I spent a lot of time in #3D, so this transition is a little bitter-sweet. It may sound strange, but over the years that apartment began to feel like it was part of me– my little jewelry box, holding so many memories and experiences.

It’s home to countless nights curled up on the couch with my girlfriends talking about life and love. It’s where I was taught to meditate, and where I learned almost everything I know about blogging and social media, which then turned into my career. It’s where I fell in love, broke up, had first kisses. It’s where Dawn and I had our tradition of Sunday night…

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Retro Gothic Rose and Cute Flowers Black Lace Bracelet with Diamond Ring

    Have you ever thought that one day you can be beautiful? Yes, definately!

   The bracelet below from Tidebuy.com will help you indeed. You know that this bracelet is one of the hotest selling items.You can see rose,flower,lace and there is also a diamond ring.Wow, I would like to purchase one later. The design of it is special,which is full of artistic. Nowadays, lots of girls and schoolmates want to find this kind. Surely, Tidebuy.com will make your dream come true. Try to think, If you take this to school, lots of schoolmates will ask you where to get it and they will also speak highly of you. Very nice bracelet and I must speakly highly of it’s design. Too fashionable !

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