Reviews Chic Korean Style Leisure Long Sleeves Cotton Trench Coat On Tidebuy

Look at this chic Korean style leisure long sleeves cotton trench coat, it is the new arrival on, which is a popular online shopping for women clothing. The design of the coat is very special and it can make you very chic and elegant. There are many good comments on this item, and many people are in favor of the coat very much.
This coat owns Korean style and the main theme of the item is elegance and sweetness. The leisure style makes the coat very adorable and lovely. The material of the coat is very nice and the manufcture of the item is quite delicate to make the excellent quality.

Chic Korean Style Leisure Long Sleeves Cotton Trench Coat

If you want to buy this item, you can see tidebuy reviews as a reference before buying it.
By partikularr**
The trench coat can be used also as a dress, it is not very thick but it is warm. There is available in 3 colours (black, dark green and orange) and I like all of them, maybe I will order it in another colour in the future. It is very confortable and you will feel warmth with it. It has a pocket where you can carry small things like the mobile, keys, ponytail holder…

By juan_pena**
Very contented. After acquiring it I feel too very relaxed and satisfied as the quality is high and gives me the warmth .The texture is simple and sophisticated. I wore it anywhere without thinking too much as it gets merged.

By kristel.glas**
This trench coat is very casual and comfortable. It is loose enough to get relaxed .Big pocket has given the space enough to put valuable things. Smart and trendy with a simple look. I like it to much.


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