Tidebuy reviews on T-shirts

Recently, a collision in color becomes a trend. This time I would like to introduce this glamorous Korean style split joint bat sleeve T-shirt for you. This T-shirt is using bat sleeves which are quite popular in the 80s. It looks just like a normal loose T-shirt when you stand still. However, you will be very different if you open your arms. You will be a free butterfly flying in the world.  What’s more, to endure a feeling of leisure and easy, this T-shirt uses a round big neckline. It is quite comfortable.

For the colors, there are three in total, Black is the classic one, blue is the brilliant one, while purple is the sexy one. Each color of this T-shirt is quite noble and gorgeous. And you can have your choice as you want. Just as usual, I check the tidebuy reviews of this T-shirt ahead. There are only one tidebuy reviews on the tidebuy reviews page. But it is still a good one which is quite satisfied with this T-shirt.



By Dashti_Kapo**

It’s so nice my friend like it so much. It good.

If you are also interested in this T-shirt just as I am, you can look for more information on our website.


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