Reviews of Tidebuy on Sexy One-shoulder Mini Dress

Tidebuy is a good online shop for women fashion. You can find almost everything about women, women dresses, women shoes, women clothing and accessories. I am a regular customer of it, and I buy many things from it. This is one of good dress form tidebuy. And you can see my reviews on tidebuy reviews page. Here it is:

Very Pleased with these wear, at 1st i was unsure in ordering any type of clothing that i was unable to try on before i purchaced due to my very curvy shape. i have a hard time when it comes to jeans wear cause im what most call Thick lol, big thighs hips and nice butt; so i took a chance and it arrived on time already laced up, all i had to do was loose up the the lace which didnt take long and try on, very scared cause i usually dont fit anything i order except halloween costumes…and what do you know, THEY Fit i was so happy and my fiance jaw dropped and said WOW those look great Bay. Gave the rate a 4 out of 5 cause my butt a little big, and isnt enough material allowed for sitting with out having to pulling them up over and over. So would i order again, no doubt i just hope a one size fits all is great; the fit very well, didnt look tight at all very roomy n still snugged and air flowy but i would like more room for my backside.

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