Reviews of Tidebuy on Sexy One-shoulder Mini Dress

Tidebuy is a good online shop for women fashion. You can find almost everything about women, women dresses, women shoes, women clothing and accessories. I am a regular customer of it, and I buy many things from it. This is one of good dress form tidebuy. And you can see my reviews on tidebuy reviews page. Here it is:

Very Pleased with these wear, at 1st i was unsure in ordering any type of clothing that i was unable to try on before i purchaced due to my very curvy shape. i have a hard time when it comes to jeans wear cause im what most call Thick lol, big thighs hips and nice butt; so i took a chance and it arrived on time already laced up, all i had to do was loose up the the lace which didnt take long and try on, very scared cause i usually dont fit anything i order except halloween costumes…and what do you know, THEY Fit i was so happy and my fiance jaw dropped and said WOW those look great Bay. Gave the rate a 4 out of 5 cause my butt a little big, and isnt enough material allowed for sitting with out having to pulling them up over and over. So would i order again, no doubt i just hope a one size fits all is great; the fit very well, didnt look tight at all very roomy n still snugged and air flowy but i would like more room for my backside.

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Tidebuy Shoes Reviews are Trustable and Useful

My name Is Sofia and I am nineteen years old, now a reshman of New YorkUniversity. I always dream of a grand closet which is filled with dresses and pumps. Especially, I have great passion on the pumps. In my opinion, pumps are the greast gifts that god made for women. An ordinay woman with a pair of high heel shoes is just like Cinderella has a crystal shoes. She will become so different and so charming. I like to collect shoes online for it is more convenient and cheaper. I found a excellent shop online in which you can find trendy shoes in low price, and that is

bling bling pumps

This is one of the shoes I buy on tidebuy. This bling bling style attracts me for the first sight. I try my best to be calm and see the tidebuy reviews so make sure whether it is of high quality or not. Just as I expected, almost every one who buy this pair of shoes has good comment on it. Here are some useful reviews on tidebuy.


By vixstewa**

I reeally do like the shoes they are amazing! Just one minor detail though in the picture they show the shoe have a cream sole but the shoe I recieved has a red sole.

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Tidebuy Reviews on Mother of the Bride Dresses

Almost everybody thinks that the bride and broom are the leading characters of a wedding ceremony, and others should do the supporting role. It is true, but the supporting roles still need to be well dressed for they are part of this ceremony, especially the mother of the bride. The mother raises her daughter for so many years and marries her to another guy. She must have complicated feeling, happy for her daughter’s big day, worry for her daughter’s future, and so on. As her loved daughter, I have nothing to do but dress her up and make her happy at the wedding ceremony. I think when she sees my smiling, she will be satisfied. She is the most important one in my life and I want her to enjoy this day as if it is her own occasion. I will buy her beautiful dress, make her smile without any worry.

This black flower floor length mother of the bride dress fits her perfectly. She looks elegant, like a queen, while I am a prince on that day. My mom used to be a beauty, and I can still see her beauty now. In order to feed me, she loses too much. I will definitely try my best to make her happy. This is my wedding day, and I hope she can share my happiness. She wore this elegant dress and be the shining star that day. I saw her smile and that was the best gift ever.

mother of the bride dresses

I bought this dresses from, which selling all kinds of wedding apparels, like the latest wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses and flower girl dresses. As a regular customer of Tidebuy, I think tidebuy reviews are really reliable and useful. They give me a lot of information when I shop on tidebuy. Hope you can find your wedding dress and share your feeling on tidebuy reviews page.


Tidebuy Gorgeous Empire Spaghetti Strap Sleeveless Dasha’s Wedding Dress Reviews

 Look at this dress I bought from tidebuy: Gorgeous empire spaghetti strap sleeveless Dashas wedding dress. I like its chic and modern style, floor-length hemline. You can wear it in the church hall on your special wedding day, if so,you will be the focus in the hall, attracting more and more eyes.


   My neighbor also likes this dress very much, and she wrote a letter to tidebuy, speaking highly of this product:


By maryandre25**  

   Hi, I received my dress and I could not be happier!!! It’s absolutely stunning and fits perfectly!! Thank you!!

   It is the fate that let me come across with this kind of charming and different sexy lace dresses. This is the new beginning of opening a new style and new fashion. I love fashion and I want to be a fashionable woman too. This website has taken a large number of surprises for me, and I happy that I have this pressure. It is not difficult to find that the line is very beautiful, which can show your beautiful figure as much as possible. Its color is very special.

    I love this dress and tidebuy, offering a good website for me to buy all kinds of dresses. We often call it “Online Shopping Paradise”!



Tidebuy Elegant A-line Strapless Sleeveless Beading Chapel Veleria’s Wedding Dress Reviews

     If you want to be much more elegant and beautiful on you special wedding day, I recommended you a good website to buy your wedding dress. That’s Tidebuy! Look at this dress I bought there as follow:

Silhouette : ImageA-Line, Train : Chapel, Embellishment : 569, Hemline : Floor-Length, Neckline : Strapless, Sleeve Length : Sleeveless, Waist : Dropped, Back Details : Lace-up, Body Shape : Pear, Season : Spring, Style : Elegant, Luxurious, Wedding Venues : Church,Hall, Fully Lined : Yes, Built-in Bra : Yes, Petticoat : No

     One year ago, I was always worried about where to buy satisfactory clothing until I heard about tidebuy from my friends. She also liked dresses and shoes from tidebuy. After her getting this dress from tidebuy, she spoke highly of this one and wrote good review on the website: 

Dear Tidebuy! Thank you so much for the gorgeous dress I ordered! Perfect size, fabric and quality! I am so thankful! You did an impressive job! 🙂

     Tidebuy also offers bedding sets, wigs, jewelry online. Various products there make me excited, just like a shopping paradise. when I want to buy some clothing,I needn’t worry about where to buy any more, because tidebuy is my first choice, so do my friends. I trust and love this website, so I recommend this website and product for you!

Tidebuy Reviews——The choice of value

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Let us see the tidebuy reviews:
My dress was shipped out and I received it TODAY!! I live in TEXAS! I was a little skeptical ordering online but I figured, I would take a risk. OH MY GOD was it worth it!! This dress is everything I have ever imagined and more!! I LOVE IT!! -Will post pictures once my camera is charged!!
Received my gown yesterday, and I’m very happy with it. The embroidery is wonderful! The fabric is a gorgeous quality, nice and soft. I can’t wait to wear it 🙂 Thanks!!!
I love this dress, and I’m planning to wear this one at my matriculation exam. I wonder which fabric you would recommend this dress to be made out of? I want a fabric that’s not heavy, but yet I don’t want it to be too light because my thighs may look even bigger then. Thank you for this wonderful website!
hey i wanto buy this dress and would like it custom made with a corset at the back instead of a zip. is this possible to do to this dress with jewels and thngs around it to make it fit in and look nice on this particular dress? thankyou.
See the tidebuy reviews, hurry to buy.


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This is Tidebuy reviews:

Customer:very nice dress, it look exactly like the picture, only that the lower part of the dress was not wide enough. but its ok. please next time concentrate on a neater job, alot of loose ends and hanging thread.
Customer: This is my wedding dress and it is absolutly stunning on. The dress is extremly flattering. And the fit comes in nicly at the natural waist. They reserve a some length for my high heels.That’s very Sweet.
Customer: I received my wedding dress as expected.When I opend the package,I couldn’t help falling in love with it.Because it is excectly the same as picture.Even the details.Thanks so much!

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Tidebuy Shoes Reviews-Local influence overall

Women most talked about topic is fashion, I have been studying recently, all I think the love of beauty is human nature, but especially women than men, I guess it is now still have men dominated this part of the reason, women tend to dress up oneself is to gain more good men of all ages.
Having said that, but the love of beauty is indeed each person’s rights, as a woman the same , I also struggling to fight for the rights, I’m not very, and everyone’s way of thinking, I think, for a woman is most the place that should pay attention to the shoes, the second is the backpack, I’m obsessed with the butterfly effect of that kind of statement, local tend to affect the whole, therefore I have the attention to the shoes is much higher than other things, I think, from shoes that you can see that a person’s taste, today I will introduce a shoe that I like:Image
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Customer:To be fair, this is really a pair of nice shoes, we take a look at tidebuy reviews:
Fantastic! Comfortable even if it is stiletto!! Very glad, here in Italy I can’t find shoes 35 I’m happy I discovered Tidebuy! Now I can buy shoes easily!! Fantastiche! Comode anche se col tacco a stiletto! Sono felice, in Italia non trovo scarpe 35 sono felice di aver scoperto Tidebuy ora posso comprare scarpe facilmente!!
Customer:I was very surprised when this shoe arrived, it is actually gorgeous and true to the description. This is an elegant shoe that can be taken from dress up to evening affair.
good evening.
Customer: is it possible to make an order for 10 pairs with different colors and do i get a discount for 10 pairs?

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Tidebuy Wedding Dresses Reviews—To find the life the most beautiful Wedding Dress

As a woman, for you, what is the most happy time in your life, or what is the most important time in your life, believe that different people will have the same idea, in this matter is, when the married.
A lot of girls is looking forward to this moment came when she was not married, or may have a lot of girls for marriage with a curious and even a little bit of fear, but in any case, marriage will let every woman happy.
If the marriage as a period of time, then when you put on wedding dresses is a point in time, for men, marriage may more represents a kind of responsibility, or pressure increases, but women may not consider so much, they only need to care about which is the most beautifu wedding dresses to wear, we just can meet your requirements in this respect, we have a lot of wedding dresses resources, you can decide after detailed reference in your most beautiful day in which a wedding dress makes you the most beautiful.
Ok, may be you might be a bit suspicious about aspects of our products, we look at the our dresses.

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If you are not rest assured of our service have what place, we can also look at Tidebuy reviews, the following is a customer for their comments:
Customer emil cefer: This is my wedding dress and it is absolutely stunning on. The dress is extremely flattering. And the fit comes in nicly at the natural waist. They reserve a some length for my high heels.That’s very Sweet.
Customer atrifunovic: Thank you for your magnificent dress, she arrived in time, no alteration, the perfection!!! She was all the rage, I am delighted, thank you still for this quality transaction.
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