Why I Frequent Tidebuy.com?

    It is rare to find an online store that you can consider a one-stop shop. That’s why when I learned about Tidebuy.com, I know I will frequent the store. All that I can think of are just a click away with Tidebuy because aside from wedding dresses, special occasion dresses, fashion clothing, jewelry accessories, intimates, bedding, they as well offer electronics and automotive. Yes, you read it right. So please pull down your eyebrows and have yourself a dose of Tidebuy.com . To give you an idea of what makes me love this store is their wide selection when it comes to women apparels. I will not elaborate any longer but I will let these photos speak why I love them.
They have wide selection of the wedding dresses. This photo below catches my eyes because of the impressively beautiful intricate. The bodice have full of embroidered rhinestones up to neck; it makes the gown looks royal. Agree? I pick this gown because I love its upper design; its sleeve creates an innocent look and yes, virginal! The lower part is just perfect as it flows down and sits right in the floor. I really love the simplicity of them below.
If you don’t know yet, I love occasion dresses especially evening dresses. When I get invited for an event or an occasion that requires formal attire, I can’t help myself but feel very excited because these are the times that I got to experience of really feeling beautiful and sexy. When I wear an evening gown, I feel confident. The secret is always find the right dress for you. I will discuss more about how to finding the right dress on the next topics. Be sure to watch out for it.
Of course, my love for fashion won’t be forgotten. I am excited to browse Tidebuy every time they have latest collections. They have exemplary items just like the photo below. I really love its neutral color with the simplest stripes. It’s not snowing here but the cold weather is exciting! Obviously, the fabric screams perfect, for the weather we have now in my country. I find so many items that deserve a purchase right away and there are some that I already put in the back seat for next purchase.
Be sure to click those red links to see more of the items. Who knows this is the right time for you to find the items that you’ve been looking for. If you cannot find it in other online stores, why don’t you try finding it here?
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New Spring is Coming, are you Ready?

     March is coming in the new year, which means Spring is coming. Are you ready to welcome this new Season?

     The dress will be very important for you, who always catch up with Fashion. You want to put on your dresses, sweaters, jackets or others, you should be clear now.

    While, Tidebuy, which is a famous online store, where you can see lots of fashion dresses for the coming Spring, you want to try them?

showimg (87)

Multi Color with Velvet Long Sleeve Hooded Thicken Long Sweater

      Do you like the above sweater? It seems that it is a little thicker, but would be a good choice for the early Spring, you will not be cold any more. Do you want to try? you can visit at:


      In the later Spring, it will be hotter and the sweater will not be perfect, you can try the below one, which is also a fashionable choice for you.


   Fashion Hollow Knit Loose Blouse


       To choose better dress is very necessary in the Spring and you will feel that your choice is the best if you pay a visit at http://www.tidebuy.com.

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tidebuyreviews: Red is also the color of love!!

  In oue mind, red means love, festival, lucky, happiness, romantic? What is your thought about it?
  Valentine Day is upcoming, what kind of presents do you want to get? Some girls want to have a bunch of red roses, delicious chocolate…etc. However, I want to get something in red color because red is also the color of love!
  Ericdress gives me the chance to show myself, to show love!
  I’ve got my party dress from ericdress. Wow, I found that the dress is full of charming. Do you know the color? Of course, it is red. Let’s see it below:
showimg (54)

Attractive Scoop Neckline 3/4-Length Sleeves Sheath Short Formal Dress

     Did you feel that there is a smell of happiness, romantic? The red party dress will take your way to happiness and lucky. I hope that this dress can give me lucky in my life. To dress this dress to a party, you will be in the spotlight, always shining among people. Your heart will be full of happiness, love and lucky.

showimg (25)

High Cost Performance Stripe Chiffon Two Piece Set Blouse

   I also bought the above spring wear. It is getting hotter day by day and I also need to prepare some dress for the coming spring.    Ericdress is full of amazing and always give me lucky. I got this dress free of shipping and I am very satisfied with it. To wear this blouse, you will feel that you are much younger than what you are.
   What I need to emphasize  is that I like red color, which is the color of love. That is also why the flowers are always in red color.
   I dreamed that my Valentine Day will be unforgettable because of my party dress.
   If you also like red and want to be fashionable in red, then please don’t hesitate to show yourself!
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Tidebuyreviews: Are you ready for Valentine Day?

Valentine Day is coming and everyone is eager to get a gift, how about you?

Are you planning to marry on this special period? The wedding dress will be very important for young girls. ——Tidebuy can give you the beauty and the chance to shine yourself!


    Sexy Mermaid/Trumpet Floor-length Jewel Chapel Train Appliques Wedding Dress

   Guys, how do you think the above wedding dress? Is it beautiful? Is it what you are looking for? Your comments will be highly appreciated!


  Luxurious Floor-length Strapless A-Line Lace-up Beading Wedding Dress

   See again this dress, I do believe that your day will be special if you tried this one! The shadow of it is very beautiful and unique!

   To marry on Valentine Day, tidebuy will help you to be charming and your freinds will also admire you.

   Are you ready for Valentine Day?

   —— Ready, let go!

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Tidebuyreviews: Is this your style?

   When mentioned”beauty”,people will pay enough attention to it. Definately. I am also one of them. Have you ever thought how you will be more beautiful than others? Tidebuy will make this to be true.

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Vintage Style Double Love Fashion Lady’s Multilayer Leather Bracelet

ti showimg (03)

Amazing Blue Butterfly Vintage Style Wristband Bracelet

    Hey, girls, how do you think about the above two bracelet? Is this your style? Are you eager to get both of them?

Then, visit tidebuy.com,where you will see various of fashion items that you want.

   To be a fashionable girl and to pride of yourself, you will feel that your life is full of happiness!

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Fine Art Print Gift Sets

Originally posted on Beautiful Hello:

fine art gift sets from Emily Jeffordsblack fridayfine art gift sets from Emily Jeffords

I am so excited to be adding these collections to the shop on Friday!

only 50 sets available, each featuring two new prints!   Woohoo!
Two 8×10 prints & one 5×7 in each box.  $85 (originally $135)

Beauty in the Coolness Set features three blue, gray, and green prints, inviting calm and peace into your home.

Softness & Warmth Set features three peach, pink, and gold toned fine art prints that are at once exciting and peaceful.

All prints are printed on high quality canvas, matted in white, tied up with cream & copper twine, and packaged with a sprig of rosemary.  Beautifully packaged in a white box and ready to give to a special someone!  

Available on Black Friday, the 28th.

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